Relationships after dating on the Internet

Very brief but with muffled details that help!

I didn’t know you guys had a long-distance boyfriend either. So, my congratulations, you were warriors and determined! Beautiful story and beautiful words in this post! And true… very difficult I date at a distance, but when and to be it happens….

I’m from ES and he’s from B.A. We beat a lot of problems together… Now we’re engaged — we’re 6 months away from being together…. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning of last year, but I never participated in anything and never wrote to you. First I come to tell you that I love your blog bumble reviews. And second that I really liked the post, because I dated the distance.

If we met on the Internet and dated virtually for 1 year. Thank God. Did one identify??? I want to know where the difficulty of you is and we will walk together!!! I wish all happiness to you… and may God always be at the heart of the relationship. Super kiss, congratulations on the blog! I loved the fringe there. I think it’s beautiful people who can get over the distance with love. I nunc dated the distance and I think it would be very difficult I have the extreme in these to be close every day, even if it is to just keep looking quiet.

Congratulations on your story. It is very difficult even to reconcile jealousy, miss, the more we can overcome all this. Thanks more to the social networks and cellular we talk all day by SMS, and calls me direct tbm and we stay hours gossiping. I was really in need of the testimony of someone who dated the distance, and when I saw that you evangelical dated the distance, I was even more impressed that it worked!

You’re the best I’ve found in my life. You are very special to me and beside you I have lived unforgettable moments. I like you from the time life crossed us. I saw life with a passionate look. Whenever I hear your voice, whenever I feel your warmth near me I am sure you are the love of my life.

I promise to make you the happiest and most accomplished person in the world! I lived dreaming of that day. Yeah, I want to date you too!

When two people like each other, it’s natural that they want to be together. I know that the feeling that unites us is strong and full of hope. And I promise to make you someone immensely accomplished.

I adore you! And yes, yes, yes; A thousand times yes, I accept! That I like to run and you like to skate. But you want to know?

Two is better than one, and the two of us are the best pair. We spend our lives without looking for each other, but eventually we find each other. I really think it’s destiny to join us.

Come with me, let me hug you! You’ll see that together we can also be a pair and be one. Be assured that in your life our love has only to add up. I know who I am, my way of loving and my desire, my desire!

I know! I like you in a weird, beautiful, special way. Today I wake up and I’m sure this is the day to confess all the love I feel for you.